Romania, Bucharest



The brothers Mihai and Emil, Romanian-Germans living in Arad, have very little in common other than the concern for their sick father. Mihai, the elder seems to feel at ease in Ceaușescu’s Romania, where he works as a doctor and, although half-heartedly, as a spy for the state power. Emil on the other hand fights passionately against the regime and thereby sometimes gets into situations where only the prudence of his elder brother can save him. One day the good news comes from Dresden, that their father can be operated there. But it is the year 1968 and on their way towards the GDR, they encounter tanks coming their way to crush the Prague Spring. They end up in a makeshift camp just across the German-Czechoslovak border, since Romania refused to give the Soviet Union allegiance. Thanks to their good command of German, the young men soon become indispensable to the authorities. Maybe this is why the family suddenly receives a transit visa and is thus allowed to enter the Federal Republic of Germany. Meeting the class enemy unexpectedly – can this turn out well?

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