Romania, Bucharest



 TOTO AND HIS SISTERS - directed by Alexander Nanau
Feature documentary
Co-producers: HBO România, Alexander Nanau Production;
Project realised in partnership with Policy Center for Roma Minorities

Synopsis: From Emmy Award winning director Alexander Nanau comes an amazing family story. His latest observational documentary tells the story of 10 year old Toto, who lives together with his two sisters, Ana (17) and Andreea (14), and their drug abusive uncles. They are waiting for their mother to come back from prison after a 4 years absence. As the film unveils, it delivers an intimate account of the lives of children growing up in a tough environment. Each one of the siblings tries to push through the hard times in his very own way. As Toto finds his new passion in dancing and learning how to read and write, his two sisters are trying to keep their family together, in a world that has long forgotten what childhood is all about.

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